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Why are cloth books so important for babies?


You do your child a big favor, when you buy him or her a cloth book. Babies love books. Reading with your baby has lots of benefits: it strengthens the bond between you and your child, and it stimulates the language skills. And overall it is fun!

It is never too early to start reading with your baby. All you need is a book.

Our cloth book brings the above benefits. It contains many pictures, a lot of educational features on each page and little text. So you can tell your own story and experience adventures together with your baby.

Our cloth book also comes with a very informative EBOOK that helps you to get the best out of our cloth book. The eBook explains much more how to use the cloth book, when to read, how to read (even per age phase), why to read, etc. etc.

Cloth books give your baby a flying start in reading and various other skill development. Skills that are so important to do well in school (and life).

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